November, 30th, 2016

Peter Holy's album is out, and free to download!

November, 18th, 2016

We're taking a break from taking a break! ...and release Peter Holy's first solo album in November.

April, 13th, 2013

Alexandr Vatagin - Serza - OUT on CD and LP.

February, 17th, 2013

Listen to Alexandr Vatagin's third solo album "Serza" at Bandcamp and obtain it on CD or VINYL starting April 16th!

October, 18th, 2012

The summer breeze is definitely over and its getting colder outside, so probably the perfect time for Alexandr Vatagin's third solo album. "Serza" will be out in april 2013 as CD and VINYL! here the first tunes on Soundcloud

May, 17th, 2012

There is a strange summer breeze outside and we are preparing our next release, Alexandr Vatagin's third solo album "Serza" will be out in autumn! Still hot: Kutin and Attilio Novellino! Listen to both on "BANDCAMP"

January, 17th, 2012

Werner Kitzmüller's debut "Evasion" is out now Worldwide, get it in our shop or through our distributors. Then we are happy to anncounce our first double release, Kutin's third solo album "Ivory" and Attilio Novellino's second one "Through Glass" will be out 9th of March. Two really amazing pieces, so watch out and to listen to both on "BANDCAMP"

November, 6th, 2011

Werner Kitzmüller's fabuluos debut "Evasion" is out now in Austria and Germany,and will be out January in the rest of the world. Listen here to the whole record: --> "BANDCAMP"

September, 28th, 2011

Our upcoming release is the fabuluos debut of Werner Kitzmüller, definitely one of the most special voices we ever heard. His album "Evasion" will be out on November 3rd in Austria and Germany and in January in the rest of the world. Listen here to the whole record: --> "BANDCAMP"

May, 13th, 2011

The Pattern Theory album is out now, get it in our shop or from our distributors. Listen at "BANDCAMP"!

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Valeot Records is a record label. We're supporting post-modern music that does not fit genre-classifications. Valeot Records is based in Vienna, Austria.


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